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This photo was kindly taken for me by Kathy Taylor, who lives close to the East of London Cemetery where my grandmother's parents are buried.

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In Loving Memory
My Dear Wife
Mary Ann Poyser
Who Died September 16 1936
aged 50 years

She bade no-one her last farewell
she said goodbye to none
Her spirit flew before we knew
O God thy will be done

and Samuel Poyser
Husband of the above
Who died 17 October 1956
aged 70

Reunited in Gods keeping

There is a stone flower pot that is inscribed:-

Polly and Sam

The is also a stone open book that reads:-

Rest on dear father
thy labours o'er,
Thy willing hands
will toil no more,
A faithful father
true and kind,
No friend on earth
like thee we find.

and on the right hand page:-

A loveable life
A peaceful sunset
A beautiful memory

The name of the stone mason is A. Elfes of Upton Park.

My grandparents grave in the little churchyard in Banham, Norfolk, that is within sight of the home they had planned for their retirement, Sunny View, at Overcross. My grandmother was the daughter of Samuel and Mary Ann Poyser.