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My Goat Herd Has Begun

The Goat Breeders Herd Management Software Program
After a couple of years of dreaming, and a couple of months of actually owning property where I COULD have a herd of goats, July 19th 2003 I took the first step in making that dream come true.

Born on the 13th June 2003, he was still being bottle fed three times a day, Rameses (henceforth known as Rammy) when he became ours, around 3.15pm that day. Beautifully marked with classic symmetrical markings, he was absolutely gorgeous, as you can see from the pictures. And he was such a cute little thing. Gambolled around and played hide and seek with our cats and kittens. So mischievous.

Even as he grows older, he is still a little character, carries himself very well and has that regal Nubian attitude. He still bleats differently for my husband and myself, almost sounding like daa for dad and maa maa for me. Cleo doesn't do that, she has one deep maa sound for both of us.

When we go down to let them out of the barn each morning and into the field, they hear us coming and begin their greetings.

Unfortunately, despite waiting for all the information regarding Rammy's parentage (their registered names, etc) so as to be able to go ahead and register him, this is not to be.

And although originally advised that he was of Shipra Ministries stock, it appears I was misled about that too. Although he was advertised as registerable, it now appears that this also was incorrect.

I am disappointed as I had so wanted to mate him and Cleo and have him as the sire of my herd. Now those plans have gone awry and I need to make others. As for Rammy, he is still my baby and my firstborn. He's not going to end up on someone's dinner table, but I may end up having him castrated and kept as a companion to whatever buck I get in the future.

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Cleo's Dam's name is
The Cedar Mountain Farm Ellie
and her Sire's name is
Knowles Island Brown Ridge.
Both registered with the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA)

I am now looking for another doeling, about 3-5 months old, preferably with Rammy's colouring and hopefully one with the complete black cross on back and shoulders. Both Rammy and Cleo have the dorsal stripe but not the full cross.

I am also looking into the possibility of artificially inseminating Cleo next year with a superior buck and then keeping a buckling of hers to be herd sire. She has Frosty Marvin in her (I know, who said "who doesn't?") and I am looking into the current crop of excellence to see who I like.

For now, my next step is to get both Cleo and Rammy CAE tested,and hopefully they will prove negative. It is my goal to be a responsible goat owner and breeder, and so I want to start the way I mean to go on.

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Rammy on our driveway, a day after we got him. As you can see the tiger lilies were bigger than he was!

As you can see, he grew and filled out somewhat in the first month that we had him. He weighed 23lbs at the vet at 9 weeks, not bad for a 3lb-er at birth.

A close up of my little man's face.

The second member of my "herd", Cleo. She is more chestnut brown to Rammy's fawn, and doesn't have the white markings, hers are more a beige.

Cleo's favourite pastime is ...munching. Here she is by the now dying tiger lilies.

And here, munching on the Bradford Pear.

The Goat Breeders Herd Management Software Program

Rammy meanwhile is thoroughly spoiled. We moved him to the field as of Thursday night, 14th August 2003, as we had found him a companion.

Rammy's companion, Cleopatra (Cleo), became ours on Wednesday 13th August 2003. She was born February 28th 2003 and has classic markings although not the prettiness of Rammy. Her first day was very sad for her as she missed her previous herd and her mama, and bleated constantly, but she has settled in nicely now.

Mark had been hard at work getting the barn repaired and making some stalls inside, but after finishing the first, and then having to go back to work, 18th August, after his one month furlough, the second is still very much in our minds! In fact, he had just come in and looked at this over my shoulder and said he needed to get to work on the second stall.

Cleo goes in and often shuts the door to the stall behind her, which is cute. She really is a clever little girl. The only problem I have with her is that she tends not to browse, when she finds something she likes, she'll strip it. I like to let them up from the field to the front yard so as to be walking on the driveway and thus help keep their hooves worn down. Rammy will browse, a little of this and a little of that. Not Cleo! Grapevines! She stripped one area really quick one morning and I was so worried she'd make herself sick with that practice that I now add bicarbonate of soda to the feed every day. Not only the grapevines though - she polished off the grapes as well, and they weren't even fully ripe! Naughty little girl!

And Rammy isn't much better. A little monster well as my darling. This little man tried to commit suicide Monday September 22nd. We found him dangling in our hayrack, and thought he was dead. Luckily, we found him in time, and he is fine again now. Was a bit stiff for a couple of days though. Mark is now hinging a lid on the top of it. I couldn't believe he did that, and yet talking to other breeders, it's quite a common occurrence among buck kids.