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Welcome to LI'L*FOXES Backyard Barnyard

Well, we enter 2005 with a sense of accomplishment from 2004 ... and that followed the seeds being sown in 2003. It has been a struggle some of the time - when we have the money to do the things we need to around our backyard barnyard, nine times out of ten, it's because we're working so hard we don't have the TIME to do it!

However, we can see the improvements that we have made, and know that every one is another seed planted for the future.

We moved into this house in May of 2003, and it was the beginning of realising my dream. It is only 2 little acres, but it was my idea of Heaven. On one side of our property, the neighbour had goats (sadly, they all disappeared the very same day that we brought our first one home!)and the neighbour on the other side had sheep, a gaggle of geese, and a beautiful horse. The sheep and geese remain but the horse was sold to another home as the owner didn't have time to work with him.

I could look out of my window and see "country", yet we are only about 5 minutes away from civilization and the grocery stores!

The Encyclopedia of Country Living
by Carla Emery

This is THE back-to-the-land or homesteader's bible. It's a dip into and dip again treasure trove of rural living, lots of anecdotes and recipes for food growing and preservation, raising livestock, TOO MUCH to sit and read through but you don't want to put it down. In ways it's a living history book, because this IS history being brought back to the forefront by thousands of people across America and other countries. People who are interested in growing their own food, raising their own animals and becoming as self sufficient as they wish.