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Poyser, Poyzer
Weigher, scale-maker. Superintendent of a public weighing machine (old French).
Name appears in Domesday Book, England 1086/1087.
Poyser family common in Staffordshire and Derbyshire.


Blazon:  Asure, fess erminois between two lions passant and counterpassant, each crowned with an Eastern coronet.

Trans: Blue, an ermine military belt or girdle of honour between two silver
lions walking in opposite directions crowned with an
Eastern coronet of gold.

Azure: Blue. Signifying loyalty and truth.

Erminois: Gold, with black spots. Signifying nobility.

Coronet: Signifying victory in battle.

Gold: Signifying generosity and elevation of mind.

Stag: Shows centered on top of the coat of arms in the heraldry that I have, although not on this diagram. Signifying fleetness, longevity and sometimes seclusion. In rose, signifying military fortitude.

Poyser, Poyzer
Family motto:
Grace me guide.