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Having meant to get weights on them since we brought them home on the weekend, I finally got them done January 28th. Red weighs in at around 69lbs and Sadie is 52lbs. Room for a lot of growing there, yet!

Welcome to the newest members of my herd

I am just so chuffed to be able to welcome the two newest members of my little herd.

I doubled numbers overnight. Old Glory Red Hot Nacho (Red) and Old Glory Sadie Frost (Sadie) became mine when the lady who had recently acquired them became unable to care for them. She told me she was giving them to me. I didn't know what to say! Thank you seemed a bit lame.

We collected them late Saturday night, 24th January 2004. Despite a severe winter storm coming in a few hours later, at the time we drove over to get them the temperature was quite comfortable and definitely made for an easier move.

Sunday was a nasty day with freezing rain, sleet and although everything ended up looking like a Christmas card, it was not nice to be outside in! We kept them in the stall in the barn all day but gave them warm water, lots of hay, and some grain and went down a couple of times and talked to them.

Rammy was curious, he managed to make his way into the other stall when I was taking food in, and looked at Red and Sadie like, "Wow! Who are you?" Because they are recovering from being ill though, I want to keep Red and Sadie separate from Rammy and Cleo for a few, although doubtless they will end up just as spoiled eventually.